Yes, it’s almost that time of year again. ‘Tis the season to be merry, but ‘tis also the season for winter weddings; we here at Heavenly Wedding Belles prefer the latter!

A Christmas wedding is the perfect recipe for incredible fun. Think about it: you’ll be celebrating the union between you and your loved one right before the holidays, so that’s an opportunity to celebrate two things at once!

We’re sure you’ve seen couples celebrating winter weddings, right? Honestly, if you know the proper steps to take, it’s not that difficult to throw a fantastic winter wedding and party that will put everyone in the holiday spirit and in the best mood to celebrate your special day!

The most important thing is to remember never to go overboard. We know it can be tempting to have fake snow riddle every table or to give out mini stockings to your wedding guests as favours or even to use red and green colours to dominate your décor. But don’t fall victim to these common mistakes; the tips and ideas we’ve listed out for you below are much better options!

  • Your Invitation Suite Should Not be Neglected

Yes, we know the invitation is an essential part of notifying friends and family about your wedding, but the invitation suite deserves some love too!

It would be best if you gave as much attention to the invitation suite as you do the invitation itself. What we mean is, since the invitation suite helps to set the tone for your wedding, it will probably set the scene for your album or wedding photo gallery too.

So, what do you do to your invitation suite to make it stand out? For one, style the paper goods with great accents like ribbon, ornaments, and greenery too, of course!

  •  Your Christmas Wedding Palette Should be Unique

Just because you’re celebrating a Christmas wedding doesn’t mean you’re bound to the same, stale colours that have been so overused by countless of couples. Christmas weddings are notoriously known for being red and green, but we advise you to break from this trend and try something different.

But with so many colours to choose from, which do you choose? How do you narrow down your choices until you find what works best for your wedding? It’s quite simple: choose your favourite holiday hue and add flair to it by adding neutral and metallic accents!

If you’re still not sure which accents to choose, we highly recommend textured linens, even if only for how lovely they look; modern rental furniture also fits in perfectly here, and so does a flocked Christmas tree. As long as you can make it unique and beautiful, you’re all set!

  • Your Decorations Are of Utmost Importance Too

We don’t need to say much here because everyone knows a wedding venue, no matter how beautiful it is, isn’t ‘complete’ without lovely decorations. But you can’t just use any decorations, no; remember, it’s Christmas, so your decoration is supposed to reflect that.

For instance, when it comes to flowers, imagine what potted amaryllis flowers will look like! You can find them everywhere at this time of year, and their look and colour make them perfect for your winter wedding décor.

And you can make them look even better by adding something extra. For instance, place emerald green paper goods all around the flowers. Make sure you use the paper goods to encircle the flowers neatly and to complete the look, arrange metallic ornament accents around the paper goods too!

Trust us when we say there’s nothing ‘excess’ about doing this. We’ve seen Christmas weddings where the couples integrated these great ideas into their décor, and that added to the fun and excitement more than you would believe!

Don’t let this season with all the merriment accompanying it pass you by. If your wedding is weeks away, it’s still not too late to take advantage of what Christmas offers and make the most of the day.


We’ve spent for a few paragraphs talking about a Christmas wedding, but we left out one essential detail: your wedding attire. We certainly don’t expect to see you waltzing into your wedding venue wearing Santa’s clothes!

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