Prom has been a matter of probability in 2022, but we’re excited that people are willing to explore the opportunity. And so we’re happy that prom is finally here!

As you would expect, famous prom designers impress us with the style trends they’ve reeled out for the 2022 prom. And believe us when we tell you that nothing spells refreshing as the mix of simple and statement on a dress!

But we wouldn’t be here if we don’t mean to let you in on these trends. We hope they excite you as much as they do us!

The Two-Piece Dresses

If nothing else makes you a fan of this trend list, this concept of two-piece dresses will surely do the trick!

The incredible design features a top, sitting separately from its skirt; this means zero confinement in a gown.

Oh, and the fun part? The show of skin and the fact that you may style it as you wish. For instance, mixing and matching your skirt with a different top, say a lace top, for a union of color and texture.

Off-Shoulder Gowns

Off-shoulder gowns are a part of the prom trends that excites us. Featuring a neckline and shoulders, you’re sure to stand out elegantly. But note that this style looks more stunning on long gowns because you’ll risk looking short with an off-shoulder short gown.

A slit would be just great for your long off-shoulder dress. Also, matching accessories go a long way to accentuate the charm that comes with this style, so be sure to rest a lovely necklace for the bare neckline.

Glitter Gowns

Glitter gowns have always been a rave, and 2022 isn’t sleeping on it. And including it among the prom dress designs shows that glitter gowns aren’t just for celebrities.

We love the way glitter gowns announce presence; you can hardly ignore its charm. In the end, it’s your choice on which gown or dress you want, but Heavenly Wedding Bellesis here to make sure you’re utterly satisfied with your choice!

Of course, there’s more to the trends for prom in 2022, and they include the Velvet, Dreamy, Red, Blue, High-low, Ball, and the all-time Open-back designs.

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