It is no shock that you have subscribed to a thousand and one bridal magazines and newsletters. And we know your Pinterest hasn’t stopped going off from bride-related notifications, and your TV time is spent on wedding channels.

While this is considerably understandable since your upcoming wedding is a very special affair, it may not be best to stick to this pattern over a long period. Here is why we believe a bridal media detox is good for you!

Unreal Beauty Standards

While the models in these traditional media are undoubtedly gorgeous, and there is nothing wrong with being a natural size two, it just isn’t realistic. It will end up wearing at your confidence if you don’t ditch the magazines.

In addition, most of these images have either been heavily photoshopped, airbrushed, or both; going to bridal shops with these images in mind is simply setting yourself up for disappointments.

Reality is Better

No model in any wedding magazine can sell your love story better than you. Your highs, lows, and all the moments in between are yours to celebrate with no unnecessary pressure to look a certain way.

You have imagined your wedding day since you could fashion a veil from a pillowcase; now that it is here, you should own it with your scars, marks, size, etc.  So, walk into that bridal shop and let them work their magic on your gorgeous self!

It’s Just Business

Remember, it’s just business, plain and simple for some of these media. So they display what they believe will push sales regardless of how real or fake it may be.

So avoid being sucked into the vortex of self-doubt and change the channel already. Your wedding dress is perfect; there is no need to break budget for a last-minute change of mind.


Be mindful of this when you step into our unique bridal shop in Telford! Please select from our exquisite bridal gowns, wedding accessories, and jewelry that are sure to make you feel like the queen you’ll be on your big day!

We know you’ll find the perfect wedding dress at our shop. We have beautiful dresses for every body type or shape.

Don’t always believe what you see online; you don’t need to look like a supermodel to be beautiful. All you have to do is be yourself, and the world will appreciate how beautiful you’ll look in your amazing dress!

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