A wedding is a celebration that solidifies the love between you and your better half, and we’ve never heard of a fast and hard rule that claims weddings have to be grand.

Conversely, no one says grand weddings are unnecessary but small weddings can be just as fun and filled with as much intimacy as you wish for!

Over the years, Heavenly Wedding Belles from Telford has outfitted so many brides on their wedding day, and that included both large and small weddings. Thus, we truly believe we’re in the best position to tell you why you shouldn’t shy away from small weddings.

Despite the fact you can’t have more than 15 guests at your UK wedding, you can still enjoy your wedding reception. But if you lean away from small weddings simply because you believe they won’t offer the fun and excitement a larger wedding would, we’re here to discount that notion. Small weddings are special in their own way, and we’ll tell you how!

  • Spend Considerably Less Money

This is the most obvious reason because small weddings entail a smaller number of guests, and that in turn means less money to spend on food; 15 guests will consume much less than 100 guests. This especially a good option if you’re on a tight budget.

But don’t think spending less money means less quality; you can still treat everyone to scrumptious food and luxurious items like gourmet food because you’ll have excess money to splurge on!

  • Deeper Intimacy

We reiterate that a small wedding creates a wonderful, intimate atmosphere for everyone to bask in. Because the guest list is small, you’ll have the chance to talk to, laugh with, and exchange pleasantries with literally everyone.

Your wedding will be a close-knit affair and stress will be the least of your worries. This stays true if you opt for a sit-down dinner or a cocktail party. The atmosphere will be relaxed and guests will bond in a way that would not have been possible had the wedding been a larger one.

  • Planning it is Easy

The wedding planning process is often quite demanding, but the same can’t be said about planning small weddings. You’ll have fewer decisions to make and fewer details to tend to. For example, you won’t have to worry about expensive decorations or an equally expensive wedding venue.

A small wedding also gives you time to enjoy pre-wedding activities like reminiscing with old friends or gushing about the day’s events with your bridesmaids or even going wedding dress shopping!

We’re fans of the latter in particular because we’ve welcomed and entertained brides-to-be in and around Telford for years now. We’ve helped countless brides live their dream weddings, and we want to do the same for you too. COVID-19 should not-and will not-stop you from having a small albeit wonderful wedding!

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