Regardless of your size or shape, your wedding dress is considerably more than just the attire you wear on your wedding day. It should be something that makes you feel special and the most beautiful woman in the room. Your wedding dress should be a lovely piece of clothing that empowers you and accentuates how beautiful you are. And of course, your wedding dress should not be something that compels you to trade comfort for beauty; your wedding dress should fit you perfectly!

We understand if you get overwhelmed by the plus-size wedding dresses out there, but Heavenly Wedding Belles is here once more to make things easier for you! Today, you’ll see a list of fabulous plus-size wedding dresses, and we know one or all of them will endear themselves to you.

We want you to picture yourself wearing each of these stunning plus-size wedding dresses. Even with plus-size wedding dresses, there’s still an impressive number of styles and silhouettes to choose from, one style flattering your figure as much as the next style flaunts it!

The most important thing you should consider when going shopping for a plus-size wedding dress is pinpointing the assets you want to accentuate the most. We’ll give you an example or two, and then you’ll tell us which of them you lean towards the most.

If you deem your best asset to be your decolletage, a wedding dress with a deep-v neckline will look incredible on you! And if you believe you have lovely shoulders that few other people can boast of, a strapless plus-size wedding dress is exactly what you want! And what if you have beautiful legs and want to show them off? It might be tough choosing between a dress with a high slit and a daring mini skirt, but you can’t go wrong with either choice!

As we said, there’s a wealth of gorgeous plus-size wedding dresses out there, and some of them are perfect for you. Heavenly Wedding Belles offers a broad and unique collection of plus-size wedding dresses, but the four outlined below are our clients’ favorite types, and we hope they will be your favorite too!

  • Deep- V Neckline Wedding Dress

The simple fact is, this type of wedding dress will always be flattering. It’s elongating too, and it caresses and hugs your body to reveal your great figure in all the right places.

  • Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress

The off-the-shoulder wedding dress is a favorite of many plus-size brides and for obvious reasons! It’s always trendy, and we honestly can’t ever see this going out of fashion.

It is remarkably classic and undeniably elegant. And here’s a little tip: When you dazzle your guests in a dress like this, sweep your hair up and let them marvel at your lovely shoulders!

  • Floral Embroidery Wedding Dress

For the love of flowers! We adore lace wedding dresses that are riddled with floral embroidery as much as the next bride does.

Our favorite type is the one that comes with a nondescript waistband that you’ll barely notice, but it does a beautiful job making the dress look better without being too uncomfortable or constricting.

  • Blouson-Effect Wedding Dress

If it’s comfort and beauty you seek, we advise you to go for a blouson-effect dress. It is simple but comfortable and still gorgeous. And it’s very forgiving too!

Many of these dress types are light and airy, which only adds comfort without tarnishing how chic they are.

These four types of plus-size wedding dresses barely reflect the multitude of unique kinds of dresses awaiting you at Heavenly Wedding Belles. We a professional bridal boutique in Telford and we are proudly one of the UK’s most-famed and arguably best bridal boutiques!

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Your wedding day is almost here, and we’re so excited to help make it a reality. Heavenly Wedding Belles is here for you, and we promise you our touch can make all the difference on a day so special to you and your loved ones!