Wedding trends come and go. While they can be extremely inspiring, it is important to remember that, once the big day is over, you want to look back at the event and smile, regardless of whether it’s been ten days, five years, or half of a century since the wedding happened.

You can realise this by using ideas that ‘seem’ to remain in fashion perpetually. And Heavenly Wedding Belles, being an amazing bridal boutique in Telford UK, is always excited about wedding trends and ideas!

There are quite a few ideas out there, but because we always want the best for you, we picked out four ideas that we know will be perfect for your UK wedding! Hey, remember, COVID-19 is only temporary, but your love and happiness is forever; love will never be cancelled!

  • A Long Wedding Veil

You might feel that a chin-length veil looks cute, and you might feel that a birdcage veil will exude a very vintage appeal, but are you sure you will still like them twenty years from now?

You might, but if you want to make sure your wedding attire is forever timeless, it’s probably best to settle on a long (but not extra-long!) wedding veil. It will look classy and magical and will be remarkably lovely!

  • The Classic Wedding Couple Fashion

Blush pink dresses and intricate decorations on a wedding gown are popular now. And so are the groom’s outfits made from just trousers and a jacket. But they might not be so popular a few years from now. So, if you want to adopt a look that’s a real classic, go for simplicity.

Minimalist wedding gowns are trendy right now, and black tuxes will never be unpopular in any way-so; why not adopt these trends for your big day?

  • Elegant Curtains to Decorate the Venue

Use curtains at the reception venue entrance, or use them around a large room to make all the space feel cosier and appeal more to your guests.

And using curtains as draping fabric from the ceiling to the floors makes a large room feel even larger and more welcoming. It is a decor element that will never get out of fashion. We can attest to this!

  • Tall Flowers

If you want to create a sense of luxury and opulence at your wedding, use tall flower arrangements. Place them in metallic vases or crystal-clear vases for a modern look, and don’t be afraid to settle on vases that are uniquely shaped (e.g., hexagonal) if you want to bring your flower arrangements up a notch and make them feel more modern.


Try these ideas and see how they transform your wedding into something spectacular, and the best part is, anytime you look at your pictures, it will be as if you got wedded merely days ago! Because your wedding will always look fresh and chic!

A large part of how your wedding looks has to do with your gown because, in many ways, that’s what truly completes any wedding’s look!

A bridal gown is as symbolic as it is beautiful, and people will remember your wedding as much for how gorgeous it was as for how breathtaking you looked in your wedding gown!

Heavenly Wedding Belles is ready to drape you in the most beautiful and stylish wedding gowns in Telford. We’re closed now because of COVID-19, but it’s only a matter before we open our doors to you again, ready and excited to make you the star of your wedding!

You can find us at Unit 13 Hazeldine House, Central Square, Telford Town Centre, TF3 4JL, but since you can’t come to see us now, simply click here to contact us, and we’ll promptly tend to you.

Heavenly Wedding Belles should be your only source of lovely wedding gowns and bridal attire for your UK wedding. None of our wedding gowns is alike; each is beautiful on its own, and regardless of your taste or preference, we know you’ll see something that will warm your soul and touch your heart!