To be comfortable while staying beautiful in your wedding dress means to find the right style for your body type.

We often see how the triangle and apple shapes have very scanty clothing types in their favor. That doesn’t mean that there are no clothes that fit these sizes perfectly.

One body type can have several options of wedding dresses. To save you from trying on endless dresses while seeking the perfect one, we’re the types of dresses that are right for each body shape below!

The Apple Shape

The apple shape describes a busty region, a wide tummy area, with narrow hips. Before the popular idea of using dresses that do not show your waistline gained momentum, there’s been a new hack for the apple shape.

It’s a v-neck gown with a thick core, giving your waist a narrower look. And adding to the thick waistline, your dress’s skirt can have pleaded lines to add an elongating and flowing effect.

The Rectangular Shape

With a rectangular-shaped bride, there are three ways to give curves to the less defined shape: using a fitting silhouette, diagonal lines, and tender neckline.

Diagonal lines that cling to the waist will highlight even the slightest curves. The same applies to the silhouette and tender neckline.

The Triangle Shape

The triangle shape defines narrow hips and waist with broader shoulders. The wedding dress that goes with this shape softens the shoulders’ broadness, dropping from each shoulder to make the arms look more petite.

Also, including gathers to the waistline add volume that almost affects the hips, therefore adding a big bottom.

The Pear Shape

The pear shape describes wider hips with a narrow waist and bust. This body type has most clothes in their favor.

However, the most fitting wedding dress for a pear-shaped bride is the one that provides a balance between the waist and the shoulders. Adding a flare a little above the widest part of the hips creates a slight effect to the wide hips.

The Hour Glass Shape

The hourglass shape is probably the most accessible body type to choose a dress for; it defines narrow hips with wider busts and hips. You don’t need to do much; a fitted dress will do the trick.

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