Over the years, Heavenly Wedding Belles from Telford has seen countless of beautiful brides walk down the aisle, each of them decked out in a unique, flowing, and gorgeous wedding dress! Their unique attire reflects the beauty and colour of the grand day, and that brings us up to speed on the focus of today’s blog: wedding colours!

You might think picking your wedding colours is going to be a breeze, but we beg to differ. Choosing the right wedding colours is important because other than being an expression of yourself and an extension of your style, your wedding colours also determine what your wedding aesthetic ends up being like.

We advise you make haste and start thinking about your wedding colour palette right after you’ve chosen a wedding venue and set a date for the wedding. Okay, next question: how do you go about doing it?

There are some things you should consider because they all play a significant role in informing your decision. What season do you intend to hold the wedding? Where will the wedding be held and what theme will underlie the wedding? The steps below will help you answer all this!

  • Select a Base Colour

This is easily the most important colour in your wedding palette. We say this because the base colour will be the most prominent colour in the palette, so make sure it’s a colour you like and that speaks to you. Remember, even though you want to please and entertain your guests, the wedding is primarily about you, so you always come first!

Your base colour can be any of these: navy blue or peach, jade green or even a bright yellow. We reiterate, if you love the colour, it will work just fine.

Up next are your complementary colours; your ‘accent’ colours, so to speak. These will add variation and dimension to the colour palette you’re building. Doing this also means there is no risk of your wedding suffering from a colour riot.

The said accents can range from contrasting hues or simpler and neutral tones like beige, black or the more common white.

  • The Season is Important Too

There is no hard and fast rule that says your wedding colours must work in tandem with your wedding season. Conversely, we must admit that some colours just work better at particular times of the year than others.

So, it won’t be amiss to look to your wedding season if you’re left undecided on what colours to utilize for your wedding ceremony. As simple as this may seem, your wedding season can inspire you into choosing the perfect colours!

If the air is cold and makes you shiver, go with navy blue, emerald green, or marsala red; if the sun is out and hot, take advantage of what strong, bright, and bold colours can do for you; and if your wedding is in Spring? Patel hues can work wonders for you.

  • Don’t Forget the Venue

Close your eyes and visualize your wedding venue. Try to picture the venue and its surroundings if you can. Do you intend to host your wedding inside a grand, picturesque ball room held up by marble beams with gold engravings marking them? Maybe a simple barn with all the charm of the countryside suffused over it?

Speaking of barns, we label it a ‘blank slate’ venue because it’s easier to pick wedding colours using it. The simple reason is because you don’t have any existing colours to hinder you or influence your decision, so you can use any colour you want right from the get-go. The same applies to venues like tented receptions, natural spaces, and outdoor areas too.

When it comes to pre-decorated venues like restaurants, country clubs, museums, and hotels, simply look at their colours and use that as a template to choose your own colours.


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