Love is not cancelled, and it will never be cancelled. COVID-19 has merely slowed down things a bit but does that mean the love you have for each other is any less strong now? No. And does it mean your wedding will never happen until the world is rid of the virus? Most definitely not!

Heavenly Wedding Belles and Heavenly Photography are still here for you. We’re only one phone call away. We want you to know that even though we’re temporarily closing our shops, you can still reach us via the phone. We’re determined to do our best to make sure COVID-19 doesn’t stop you from celebrating the most important day of your life.

Be rest assured that the quality of our services will always be excellent, so you’re guaranteed the most amazing weddings dresses and exceptional timeless wedding photographs when the day finally comes!

Please have a read and see why it’s still very much possible to continue planning your wedding even with COVID-19 bent on making sure it doesn’t happen. It’s just a  virus, nothing more; but your wedding day is the moment you begin a new chapter in your lives, so everything else should come second to that!

  • Send Your Invitations & Save the Dates Ahead of time

If there’s one good thing about the pandemic, it’s that it gives you more time to better plan your wedding. There will never be a need for any rushed decisions now. In all likelihood, your wedding won’t happen for a few months. But don’t let that make you believe you have all the time in the world to send invitations!

Before you know it, one month or two months will zip past, and your wedding will be a week away. So, send your invitations months before the wedding. This way, everyone can get an invitation and on time. Better yet, send out your Save the Dates via Zola, if you can.

  • Choose a Venue & Consider Where You Live

It’s possible you won’t have your wedding where you live. In such a case, have you been able to take a tour of the chosen venue? You can do it via facetime if you haven’t. You don’t have to be present to see how beautiful the wedding venue is and whether it aligns with your chosen wedding theme.

And remember that many of your guests will be coming from distant places too, so you should choose and book a venue long before the appointed wedding date. That way, your guests will also know how to modify their schedules so your wedding will fit in them.

  • Book Your Vendors & Enlighten Them on All They Need to Know

Your vendors are professionals, so they know how to give a wedding a complete makeover, but they can only do so much of you give them little information and even less time to plan. Remember, they tend to several clients at once, so it’s best to book them on time, so they’ll give you and your wedding proper time and attention.

Take our advice, book your wedding photographer and venue first; book your videographer next if you intend to have one.

We say this because these particular vendors are always the first to be booked, so they often have a pretty tight schedule! More than that, the wedding photographer is often the most important to the bride, because he is tasked with preserving every single special moment of her big day!


No professional wedding photographer takes this immense responsibility lightly, so neither do we. Heavenly Photography has captured countless irreplaceable moments over the years! Moments like when you see tears of joy wetting a bride’s cheeks; we’ve seen beautiful mothers embrace their sons and daughters, the joy on their faces a sight so wonderful we were proud to be part of it.

Heavenly Photography is a professional wedding photographer in Telford, and you best believe our cameras are always ready to capture your most special of days! Call us on this number 07974 559585  because our shops won’t be open for now; or you can also contact us here.

One more thing: all your planning won’t amount to much if you don’t stun, dazzle, wow, and even shock the guests at your wedding day. We’re, of course, talking about a wedding dress!

Heavenly Wedding Belles, a lovely bridal boutique also in Telford, offers you an incredible selection of unique wedding gowns and dresses. We have a wedding dress for any wedding, and we most certainly have a wedding dress for any bride, and that includes you too!

We would love it for you to come to see our wedding dresses in person, but for now, we can’t do that, but our lines are always open. Give us a call here 0800 246 1968 or contact us here and we promise you by the time you hang up, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

COVID-19 is bent on stopping us from making the most of our lives, but we all know it’s just temporary. It’s only a matter of time before you are back to seeing familiar and fond faces as they congratulate and celebrate your wedding! We’ll be right there with you too, doing our best to make your day a truly memorable and eventful one!