Your engaged, firstly huge congratulations! But we know wedding planning may be a little harder right now due to the worldwide pandemic Covid-19, it’s an awful time we know but by keeping safe indoors we will fight this virus together and life will resume some normal soon. So for now whilst you’re at home dreaming of your nuptials there is still plenty you can be doing.

The most important attire of the day can be researched your wedding dress. You may want to visit shops but at present this is not possible so you can begin finding the style you love and contacting dress shops for their advice, pricing etc or you may feel happier having a dress made for you, there are so many options now such has independent dress makers on sites such as Etsy, ordering such items can take some months so this is a great time for you to make good contacts, get pricing and even begin the ordering process. We know here at Heavenly Wedding Belles as we provide amazing dresses to brides to be that dress shopping is exciting, so we understand it is a little different doing all online at home but trust us the world of the web has so much to offer and we are always here to answer questions and discuss stock we have or can order. Even if you do not find the perfect dress right away it’s still great to chill and research, you will be amazed what there is out there. Heavenly Wedding Belles always matches brides with their dream dress and we will be here to help you as much as we can and we cannot wait to see you again soon! Visit our website at

Wedding insurance is a must for any wedding, so use this down time to look at what is available and the costs you may face, make sure you get the cover you want and need then ask for the quote to be emailed to you, so when you’re ready to book it you have cover to refer to and can ask for same price. Here at Heavenly Wedding Belles we urge you to look into cover for your wedding, there are so many circumstances which can result in a wedding being postponed or cancelled.

Choosing a venue, ok so you will not be able to visit right now but you can start narrowing down your search by contacting venues, looking at their websites and social media, you could then ask to be put on a mailing list to book a tour when the world resumes normal business out of lock down. Trust us there are so many beautiful

Join Pinterest as this is a great social media platform for couples planning their wedding, you can create beautiful boards for each area of your wedding and save pins that inspire you. By the time lock down is over you could be fully organised and have you wedding planned!

Our team at Heavenly Wedding Belles is always here, contact us with any questions and please remember stay at home and stay safe