Prom is almost here, and as usual, the excitement is high! Think of your date at your front door, a shiny limo beside your date as he smiles in awe when he sees you, the school dance, the romance, and the award session-especially when you’re prom queen!

All these are coming together to give you a dreamy night, and we’re all for that! However, buying the right prom dress will make all the difference; it’s one of the essential parts of a prom night, if not the most important.

It makes a statement when you walk through the hall’s doors; it determines if you’ll swing heads in awe or evoke indifference and unimpressed expressions. Either way, it’s all part of the fun! All this makes shopping for the right prom dress particularly important, so here are a few great tips on doing that!

  • Get A Style Inspiration

Having an idea of the style, colour, length, and design of the dress you’d prefer before walking into a store can help mitigate the stress of going through several gowns.

How do you get style inspiration? Visit websites or Instagram accounts of prom dress vendors to look through their styles and designs; that way, they know what sections to direct you to once you walk through the store door.

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Be sure to have backup style inspirations, and keep an open mind should your preferred style be sold out. Who knows, you may find something similar and more dazzling than what you initially sought!

  • Get an Appointment

Getting an appointment with your preferred store is essential, as, in recent times, shops try as much as they can to control the number of customers they’ll attend to at a given time.

Booking an appointment and quite early will save the rush and provide you with enough attention because the store manager or salesperson will have enough time for you.

  • Go Early!

How early should you embark on shopping for prom? Yesterday! Why? Because like our store, once someone in your school has got a style, it’s gone! We don’t sell the same style to anyone from the same school.

Another reason is that the dress you seek can sell out quite early. It is incredibly disheartening when you’ve browsed through a store online, seen a lovely dress, hurry to the shop only to realise someone with faster fingers has nabbed it before you!

  • Of Course, Try It On

Try the dress or gown on, whether you ordered from an online store or a physical store. Check that the waist and necklines fit correctly and make arrangements for alterations if they don’t fit or need other fixed parts.

It’s also a fact that, like wedding dresses, prom dresses come in bigger sizes than regular dresses; this is to say that if you’re a size 6, you may want to get a size 8 for a prom gown.

Shopping for both your prom and wedding dresses at Heavenly Wedding Belles provides you with the fun and adventurous feel that comes with the prom and a wedding! But there’s so much more await you in our shops!

That’s great news! But it also means each day that passes is one less day for you to secure that beautiful prom gown that’s sure to dazzle everyone when the big day finally arrives!

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